The Last Wordbender

Emcee. Poet. Writer.


Rumble in the Rock

by The Last Wordbender X DJ BrickRock

All tracks produced by S. Harris
Lyrics written by J. Saichek
Whuudat!!!! co-written by T.J. Bell
TRIM’s Reprise written by R. Watson
The Rumble co-written by R. Watson
Too Strong, Live from the Midwest, 2 Love U & Don’t Stop mixed and mastered by Shepard Hues
Whuudat!!!!, TRIM’s Reprise, I Shot the Sheriff, The Bass & Adrian mixed and mastered by Mammyth
Fast Food & No Sleep & The Rumble mixed and mastered by Post Av
Skits written and performed by C. Campbell, R. Williams, J. Saichek, A. Saichek, & R. Watson
Skits arranged by Post Av
Cover Photos by B. Barrios
Artwork Design by Kayo1